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Change is inevitable and in some cases, absolutely essential, especially when it’s positive. Graphic designs and designers are known for the varied changes they incorporate into website designs to form it more attractive and appealing to the visitor. as long as we are into the primary quarter of 2011, there are already several trends doing the rounds within the graphic design business. Following are a number of the most trends that you simply might consider when creating your own designs, whether for a portfolio or for a client.

Style Trends: like fashion and garments , graphic design trends also are seeing a comeback of the retro style, in additional ways than one. Although the newer patterns and styles are unique, you can’t mistake the inimitable retro style on which they’re based. Whether it’s color schemes, fonts or textures, changes during this area still occur, with more designers choosing vintage or antique styles. While paper textures are popular in terms of look, handwritten styles are popular in terms of fonts, which make the planning more customized and yet personal. Freehand drawing is another aspect courted by graphic designers lately . Graphics Design Trend

Minimalistic Design: The recent trend in graphic design is to stay the planning simple and minimal while not compromising on functionality. In other words, designs are often stark and yet functional, because of the utilization of straightforward lines, logos and structures etc that outline the web site without being too flashy.

Color Trends: Colors gaining popularity in 2011 include pale but bright colors like honeysuckle, citrus yellow or vintage wine. Similarly, contrasting colors are the idea of all graphic design today, which mean that the pictures or fonts are in colors that contrast the bottom . Designers believe that for any website to be effective, you ought to restrict yourself to using two or three colors for your design, where the bottom color is robust , which is about off by complementary colors.

Mobile Apps Influence: as long as many of us are accessing information through their mobile devices, it’s become essential for website designers to cater to the present requirement. Website designing should ideally include factors that are predominant in mobile web browsing, like larger buttons, which are more attractive and appealing. Similarly, the planning used should be self explanatory and straightforward , in order that a person can use it with none hassle.

Public Expectations: Another factor that the majority designers consider today is that the expectation of the user, especially when designing websites. Quick and straightforward accessibility to information is that the norm when designing applications for mass use. Moreover, consumer culture should be taken into consideration while designing applications. Communication should be immediate and straightforward when using logos or designs.

Software and Other tools: With the increasing popularity of mobile applications, there are several software and tools doing the rounds today, which are getting increasingly fashionable designers. These ideally include software and tools associated with photography and designing, which may be easily accessed through mobiles. User-friendly interface ensures that you simply can use such software with minimal hassle.

With these latest graphic design trends doing the rounds in 2011, it’s imperative that you simply create portfolios to incorporate them. Multiple design options are required to be prepared with different combination’s, taking into consideration various factors like colors, schemes and designs . So, plow ahead and take your pick from the emerging trends which will matter in 2011.

My Journey As a Graphics Designer

Hi There. Do you know me? no, right?

Let me clear that. I am Tanvir Islam Asif. I would like to introduce myself as a Graphics Designer. Though i have a lot of skills like Digital marketing, Video editor, Data analysis, Web developing etc.

The title is about my journey as a Graphics Designer. So, I am going to tell you about My Journey As a Graphics Designer. It was not really easy to be a Graphics Designer. Let me talk about that.

I have started my journey from a NGO of Bangladesh called Save The Children. It is an American, Canadian base NGO who helps the people who are unable to make themselves by themselves. I have taken a course of 3 months. The instructor was really great and I was just looking for someone like him. So i was really happy. I have started with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. But now I am Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In-Design, Adobe Lightroom, and also trying to develop more.

The starting was not that easy for me. When I started, it was so interesting but after some days when i saw that i was unable to do it it was really boring. But I never lose my hope. I have continued and I just tried more and more. After 3 months I have understood that I have to learn more. That course was finished there. I have learned almost the basics of my Graphics. Then I was always seeking to learn new things. I have taken from me 4 more months. I have tried really hard. And I was successful, that is why I got more motivation. My design was improving.

Difference of Experiences

When I was frustrated I watched and listened to the speech of a senior and a successful person. That also motivated me to go ahead. If anyone asks me “How to improve design skills?” I will just answer him, “Just do practice and never give up”.

After 5 years now I am a Graphics Designer of Story It. I don’t believe that Money is only the thing which define success though i’m earning average 1k USD per month. I have some reviews and also some other tasks on my profile. I am working on Freelancer, Fiverr, and also in Upwork. Not only that but also I am improving myself still now. I am learning more and more.

So, It was the Gist of my Story as a Graphics Designer. If you want to take tiny motivation from the short story, i would suggest you to be a Child to learn something. Don’t look at others who are not successful and suggest that you won’t. Remember, “He or she couldn’t, that doesn’t mean you won’t!”

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