My Journey As a Graphics Designer

Hi There. Do you know me? no, right?

Let me clear that. I am Tanvir Islam Asif. I would like to introduce myself as a Graphics Designer. Though i have a lot of skills like Digital marketing, Video editor, Data analysis, Web developing etc.

The title is about my journey as a Graphics Designer. So, I am going to tell you about My Journey As a Graphics Designer. It was not really easy to be a Graphics Designer. Let me talk about that.

I have started my journey from a NGO of Bangladesh called Save The Children. It is an American, Canadian base NGO who helps the people who are unable to make themselves by themselves. I have taken a course of 3 months. The instructor was really great and I was just looking for someone like him. So i was really happy. I have started with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. But now I am Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In-Design, Adobe Lightroom, and also trying to develop more.

The starting was not that easy for me. When I started, it was so interesting but after some days when i saw that i was unable to do it it was really boring. But I never lose my hope. I have continued and I just tried more and more. After 3 months I have understood that I have to learn more. That course was finished there. I have learned almost the basics of my Graphics. Then I was always seeking to learn new things. I have taken from me 4 more months. I have tried really hard. And I was successful, that is why I got more motivation. My design was improving.

Difference of Experiences

When I was frustrated I watched and listened to the speech of a senior and a successful person. That also motivated me to go ahead. If anyone asks me “How to improve design skills?” I will just answer him, “Just do practice and never give up”.

After 5 years now I am a Graphics Designer of Story It. I don’t believe that Money is only the thing which define success though i’m earning average 1k USD per month. I have some reviews and also some other tasks on my profile. I am working on Freelancer, Fiverr, and also in Upwork. Not only that but also I am improving myself still now. I am learning more and more.

So, It was the Gist of my Story as a Graphics Designer. If you want to take tiny motivation from the short story, i would suggest you to be a Child to learn something. Don’t look at others who are not successful and suggest that you won’t. Remember, “He or she couldn’t, that doesn’t mean you won’t!”

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